The Hidden Truth

Table of Contents

1 Description

(PT-BR) Estes são meus arquivos secretos. Não mexa aqui.

Testando, apenas testando. Por que tanto testes?

Por que você tá lendo essa besteira?

2 UAPDA TOC (Table of Cancers?)

3 Softwares Blacklist

A curated list of softwares/bugs that: "oh fuck, why this even exists?"

3.1 Systemd

Don't open it.

3.2 Intel

Well, ME it's a giant problem. Minix is lovely, but running on my processor without I knowing is unacceptable.

3.3 JavaScript/NodeJS

Not even worth it talk about that.

4 Software Whitelist


5 Hacking & Tips

6 Looking for obscure files on server?

wget -r

7 Emacs

Emacs - Emax - E-max - E-marx -> ELETRONIC MARX -> COMMUNISM???

Date: <2017-10-31 Tue 23:15>

Author: Manoel Vilela

Created: 2018-11-28 Wed 21:17

Emacs 25.2.2 (Org mode 8.2.10)